I will be on your extra board/sheet/slade for a week


Are you short a transit driver? No biggie! I have you covered. I am familiar with every model bus from new flyers to neoplans old and new. I can drive practically any route any bus anywhere in Baltimore, York Pa, Northern Virginia Area as well as Washington DC

This service offers all normal CBA-Esq runs. Whether they are swings or runs with large breaks in between trips.

I know the majority of routes in the DMV from my 10-year tenure with MDOT and know the majority of WMATA and ART routes from my experience as a transit fanner (people who ride the bus for fun and take photos)

For the routes, I do not know, I can still hop right in. Using a combo of The Transit App and Google Earth, I'm able to create my directions and use them as a guide within a few minutes. I can normally learn a new route in about 20 mins.

In addition to going a decade with no accidents, I am also a two-time rodeo winner(bus driver competition). You can see the photos on my page. I have my own insurances that cover me, in order to get started you just need to provide insurance for your vehicle.

I can work around the clock if need be, in the event of an emergency like a disabled train.

I can reach most places within this gig in about 45 mins, with the exception of ART and Fairfax which are closer to 90

Feel free to contact me with any questions