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Hey guys! My names Patrick and I' am the founder here at Supir.

I grew up loving buses, and the idea of being able to drive something so big, so fast through small cities.

I did 10+ years as an Operator before I decided to leave the industry. It was a hard pill to swallow because I really did (and still do) love driving the bus. However, the infrastructure felt a little outdated to me. I felt there was a better way to do things.

I think I can speak for the majority of us when I say the biggest issue with being a transit operator isn't necessarily driving the bus, it's the lack of time and flexibility getting away from it.

The missed parties, events, and memories take a toll on you after a while and you feel like life is leaving you behind.

I created Supir with the idea that, if transit agencies were able to scale manpower instantly without any immediate overhead, frontline operators could get more time off, better attendance policies, and more time home.

Supir was the flexible transit driver option for single parents, seniors who couldn't handle a full schedule, and people who loved driving and could drive but could commit full time being a bus operator.

Think of it like a nationwide extra board...for the front line extra board.

Feel free to join me on a journey to create better transit :)

Years Of Experience : 10+ Years
Endorsements (Commercial Drivers Only):
School Bus
Days Available To Work:
On Demand⚡
Shifts available to work:
Mid Day
Late Night
Early Morning

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