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Hey Guys!

My names Patrick and I'm the founder and CEO Of Supir. Before you read any further.......... thank you a million times for joining Supir!

This is my actual profile, you can chat, ask me questions or concerns here, and if there is anything I can do to make this a better experience for you please let me know!

Supir was born of my desire to have a digital space for CDL Holders!

When I looked around I saw that everyone had an app except up :(

People with cars had ridesharing, people with bikes had those other delivery apps.

Where is our app or platform?

I don't know, I couldn't find it. I found a few little hacks, but they weren't really for CDL could see it.

Transportation is a weird animal, you would have had to live it to understand it.

I've been at this for about 10 years. Driving buses all throughout The DMV. I'm actually still at it, in addition to communicating with you guys, I also make sales here as an independent driver. But I say that to say, I've been in the trenches so I understand the driver's struggle....the biggest of which (at least for me) is time.

I've missed the birthday parties, I've missed the memories, I've had the lack of sleep I've had to take red bulls many days to keep my eyes focused.

I get it, man. I do. It's why the Supir platform lets you manage your own rates and your own schedule.

My goal was to make drivers into "Drive-a-prenuers", not to control them with an app where we decide the job and we decide the rate and then take damn near 30% of it.

Explore the platform and offer as many services as you'd like. If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

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Everything was great, wonderful job!

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