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A polite, helpful, and courteous Bus Operator who will always look after passengers, no matter who they are, or where they’re headed. I'm committed to making sure customers enjoy a safe, pleasant, and comfortable journey. To me being a Bus Operator is about more than just driving a bus, it’s about making a difference to a person’s day by offering them a friendly smile and helping them in any way possible. I will always ensure that passengers take in all of the sights and have a memorable experience on any bus they ride.

Skill Highlights
Running a hop on hop off bus service.
Ensuring that the legal passenger and load capacities are not exceeded.
Maintaining order and security on the bus.
Checking the validity of passenger travel cards, tickets, and passes.
Helping disabled and elderly passengers to board the bus.
Taking the correct fares of passengers.
Giving change back to passengers.
Operating an electronic ticket issuing machine.
Carrying out minor maintenance duties on the bus such as changing washer blades.
Ensuring the bus is safely parked and secured at the end of a shift.
Completing all administrative paperwork during and after a shift.
Helping passengers to load their luggage onto the bus.
Using the onboard bus radio to communicate with the control room

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